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Controllers DDC 4,6 and 8 TORO

Controllers DDC 4,6 and 8 TORO

4-, 6- or 8-station models

Three independent programs

Three start times per program

Unique power feature that verifies sufficient power to turn off valves before turning on

Gas Detector Gamma 652-O/M GECA

Gas Detector Gamma 652-O/M GECA

GAMMA 652-O/M  is a gas detector of methane,that warns with an optical and acoustic signal, the presence of gas in the environment. 

Gas solenoid valves 1/2

Gas solenoid valves 1/2" to 2" GECA

GAS solenoid valves have been designed to be combined with any gas detection system. Shut off the main outlet when an emergency situation is detected.

Sprinkler MINI8-4P TORO

Sprinkler MINI8-4P TORO

Top arc indication for easy adjustments from  40°-360°

Radius: 20’–35’ (6,1–10,7m)

Operating pressure range: 30-60 PSI (2,0-4,1 Bar)


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